Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Girls In Tears Book Review

Girls In Tears by Jacqueline Wilson.

Girls In Tears is the fourth book in the GIRLS quartet. It is about a girl called Ellie who tries to deal with the torture of being a teenager. Three things she hates about her life right now-

1) Her beloved boyfriend Russell stops loving her. He buys her a cheap little plastic ring, and then ignores her completely. He's starting to go off her, she can tell. Well, she doesn't blame him. Who'd want to be seen with a big fat ugly lump like her, let alone love a big fat ugly lump like her? She thought Russell, but he's obviously got another girlfriend.

2) Her best friends hate her. Nadine starts seeing this creep she met on the Internet. He says all these lovely stuff to Nadine, but Ellie knows he's a fake. Or is she actually jealous of Nadine? And Magda's just blatantly ignoring Ellie. But not only that, she does something much, much worse. Magda breaks Ellie's heart in two, with no help from Russell.

3) Her family's deserted her. Dad's got himself a student girlfriend, and he stays late every night with her. And he's so jealous of Anna, he hates to see her as such a success. Anna doesn't feel like a success though, she's got no support. She might as well quit. Eggs is being a nuisance and is doing the opposite to what people ask him to do, and now Ellie's having to take care of him as there's no time in either of her parent's lives. Sheesh, they haven't even got a lump of butter to eat.

So that's it, Ellie's life is ruined. She's waiting for the big apologies off everyone, but they're just not happening. Does she have to do everything?

I would rate this book 8/10 and would recommend it for people aged 10+.

This book review was by Amy...

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  1. I remember reading this a few years ago and I really enjoyed it! Thanks for the review and your blog is really cute :)

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