Sunday, 12 February 2012

Lola Rose Book Review

Lola Rose is a book about a family called Jayne Nikki and Kenny .
the family have to move out of the flat because the dad kept on hitting the mum and one day he punches Jayne around the face !!!
so at the middle of the night Behan the dad is out they move to London in a little grubby old flat but it will have to do if they want to live and they all decide to change their name s and Jayne becomes the grown up and glamorous Lola rose , Kenny becomes the shark loving Kendall and Nikki becomes lady luck.
but life do sent go as planned because when the mum gets diagnosed with breast cancer there whole life gets turned upside down.
the day their mum gets put into hospital Lola decides to ring up there auntie Babara that theyhavet seen for quite some time so when  auntie Babara comes to the flat at midnight with loads of food they are a little bit hooey but they miss there mum SO much .
when there um comes out of hospital she goes home and when the kids come home from school they hear mum talking to someone and at first Lola rose thinks its Jake but then she starts to recognise the voice , its here DADS!!!
thy all play happy families for about 10 minuets then things start to get put of hand when the dad goes to tuck the mum up in bed and he finds a pair of blue boxer shorts and no one wants to say that it is Jake's the mums ex so because no one is telling him he starts to get really angry and goes to smack the mum but auntie Babara goes and protects mum and then he smashes a glass and tries to cut Babara with it but then she kicks him so he looses his balance and falls on the floor.
then they all shout at him to get out and he does slamming the door behind him then the front door even louder.
the mum has to take some medicine to make her feel better but she keeps on being sick and then she finds out that it really was cancer and she says that she is better off to die then let her children see her suffer.
when her mum has to go back to the hospital for more treatment.
Lola has a voice of doom in her head saying bad things about her mum and the voice of doom said if you stand in front of the shark tank fro 1 hour then your mum will be OK so Lola rose goes and does it and then the voice of doom goes away and a kind man at the aquarium gives Lola Rose a shark tooth and he said it will bring good luck and it did because the mum got better and they all went to live with auntie Barbara in the pub and they all live happily ever after.

i would rate third book a 10/10 because it feels like i am in the book with Lola Rose and her family.

you will have to have a box of tissues by the side of you because some of the book is really sad and some of it is really happy.

this book review was by Demi.
tomorrows book review will be by Amy.

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